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PROTIMA Inc. is a Polish manufacturer of top quality equipment, accessories and detergents for full immersion rug cleaning service. In our product range you may find such machine as rug centrifuge, rug wash tub, carpet duster machine, full automatic rug cleaning machine, rug rack, carpet storage rack and other accessories.

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9 V 2022, 09:54:00
Delivery of Protima automatic rug cleaning machine Economic ASZ-3000 and informative interview with our customer and big Youtube star Jakub from LCC. He is the owner of a well-known rug cleaning plant in Poland. Jakub has his own YT channelhttps://www.youtube.com/c/LUBUSKIECENTRUMCZYSTO%C5%9ACIwith more than 500+ thousand subscribers and huge experience in the field of rug cleaning. We decided to ask Jakub some questions about the start of his business, mistakes, and achievements. We were happy to get his opinion on many things. We hope this video would be helpful for those people who are planning to start rug cleaning. It would be also interesting for Jakub's fans. He is really fantastic guy. Thank you, Jakub:) More news
Delivery of the automatic rug cleaning machine and interview with youtube star Jakub, the owner of LCC
We can proudly state that…

... our machines are fine-tuned to perfection. We know it for sure because we use them every day in each of our four plants. If you want to learn the quality of our machines at first hand and test them, come and visit us. You are welcome to bring some of the dirtiest rugs you have. We will show you how to set up a modern and effective process of rug cleaning.

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