Rug washing Machine Tornado P-2500-INOX
Bac de trempage pour tapis Tornado P-2500 Inox
Bac de trempage pour tapis Tornado P-2500 Inox
Bac de trempage pour tapis Tornado P-2500 Inox
Bac de trempage pour tapis Tornado P-2500 Inox
Bac de trempage pour tapis Tornado P-2500 Inox

Rug washing Machine Tornado P-2500-INOX


Washing machine Tornado P-2500-INOX

Entirely made of stainless steel, is dedicated both to small and big plants. The device allows simultaneous washing of many rugs what saves time and reduces water, electricity and detergent costs and also significantly improves the quality of the wash. A water tank with a capacity of 1700 liters and working width of 2,5 meters enables washing most of the rugs. The rotor with four teflon paddles makes the water with the rugs move continuously while changing the direction of rotation every three minutes.


  • entire machine made of stainless steel
  • working capacity up to 270m2 of rugs on one washing machine filling
  • 7-14 rugs load at the same time
  • low cost of detergent
  • automatic rotation change
  • time switch
  • rug pulling out supporting system
  • string on/off switch over the entire length of the device
  • dirt separation system

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
2,5 m
Working capacity:
60 m²/h
2740 mm
990 mm
1400 mm
350 kg
Drum Material:
Stainless Steel
Outer Material:
Stainless Steel
Water Tank Capacity:
1700 l
Number of Water Drains:
Engine Power:
0.75 kW
40 r.p.m.
Power Supply:
Dirt Separation System:
Automatic Water Filling System:
Preset Work System:
Reverse Gear:
12 months
Extended Warranty:
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