Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200
Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200
Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200
Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200
Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200

Rug Centrifuge Economic W-3200

Price: 5.090,00 EUR


Centrifuge Economic W-3200 is a great device both for small and big rug cleaning stations. This model is very similar with centrifuge START W-3000 but has several additional advantages:

  • 20 cm longer drum
  • upper ventilation system
  • reverse gear for rugs rolling up
  • operating time counter (1-12 minutes)
  • possibility to order a drum made of perforated sheet
  • possibility to extend warranty to 24 months

The drum is electronically balanced which guarantees incredibly quiet and vibration-free operation. The centrifuge has got an innovative bearing system which eliminates problems with bearings for a very long time.


  • very attractive price
  • drum length 3200mm
  • electronically balanced drum
  • reverse gear
  • operating time counter
  • upper ventilation system
  • very quiet operation
  • innovative bearing system
  • stainless steel drum
  • outer ring, strengthening the drum
  • emergency switch and protection against starting the machine with open door
  • door seal
  • clear and simple control panel
  • wheels that enable mobility and amortization

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
3.20 m
Working capacity:
110 m²/h
3700 mm
1100 mm
1100 mm
400 kg
Drum Diameter:
400 mm
Outer Drum Diameter:
460 mm
Drum Material:
Stainless Steel
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Loading Height:
280 mm
Number of Water Drains:
Water Drains Diameter:
75 mm
Engine Power:
5.5 kW
1200 r.p.m.
Power Supply:
32A 5P 400V
Running Time Counter:
Reverse Gear:
12 months
Extended Warranty:
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