Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm
Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm
Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm
Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm
Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm

Carpet centrifuge CLEANVAC RL 1200 T - 220 cm


This centrifuge of Turkish manufacturer Cleanvac is the perfect choice for a small rug wash facility or a car wash, or as a secondary affordable centrifuge to a larger operation. All Cleanvac centrifuges imported to Poland are assembled, tested, and prepared for sale at Protima LTD.

Protima is the General Distributor of Cleanvac. We provide a full 12-month warranty of these centrifuges. Protima was equipped with all the spare parts we got from Cleanvac. It guarantees a short time of possible repair.

We would like to point out that Protima has chosen to work with Cleanvac for a reason. We know the opinion about the machines from the Turkish market. As designers and manufacturers of rug cleaning machines, we are perfectly able to assess the quality of materials and equipment of competing companies. In our opinion, these are the best centrifuges that can be bought in Turkey. First Cleanvac centrifuges appeared in Poland in 2006. Most of them work till this day. The Cleanvac factory is probably the largest centrifuge manufacturer in the world employing 110 people.


  • very attractive price
  • rinsing function while spinning
  • one water drain 75 mm
  • rolled steel drum INOX
  • outer ring to strengthen the drum
  • door tightly sealed
  • clear and simple control panel
  • wheels ensuring stable operation, mobility and cushioning
  • warranty and Protima service 12 months
  • manufacturer′s certificate CE

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
2.2 m
Working capacity:
50 m²/h
2600 mm
950 mm
950 mm
280 kg
Drum Diameter:
320 mm
Outer Drum Diameter:
380 mm
Drum Material:
Stainless Steel
Loading Height:
280 mm
Number of Water Drains:
Water Drains Diameter:
75 mm
Engine Power:
5.5 kW
1400 r.p.m.
Power Supply:
16A 5P 400V
12 months
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