Automatic Rug Carpet Duster Tornado AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Tornado AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Tornado AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Tornado AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Tornado AT-3000

Automatic Rug Carpet Duster Tornado AT-3000

Automatic Rug Carpet Duster Tornado AT-3000 is an automatic rug duster which is extremely efficient and quickly removes various types of dry dirt, such as sand, dust, dandruff and hair from the surface of a rug. It eliminates the need for repeated vacuuming or time-consuming, manual hair or dirt removal. Depending on the degree of soiling of a rug or its structure, the operator controls the frequency of the beater and regulates the feed rate of the rug. Dusted rug is automatically rolled at the bottom of the machine. When the dusting process is finished, a sensor automatically turns off the machine. All the dirt from the surface of the rug falls into a special container and can be easily removed. Additionally, two special filters absorb dust, dirt and hair that are lifted in the duster.

The duster has been designed and manufactured so that it can easily handle very dirty rugs, which are often brought to the laundry once a year or even less frequently.The machine cleans the dirt from these rugs by beating the underside of the rug with belts while using a special method of dirt collection and removal.

  • significant increase in the quality of service
  • reduction of time spent on rug vacuuming
  • energy-efficient
  • saves manpower
  • innovative dusting and vibration system
  • possibility of simultaneous dusting of two small rugs
  • automatic rug rolling system at the exit
  • precise control of the PLC system
  • required space of only 4m2
  • rug width capacity 3,1 m (and of any length)
  • simple and intuitive control panel (off switch and reverse gear, potentiometers to adjust the feed rate of a rug and rotation speed of the shaft and belts)
  • device length with absorbing filters is only 4,5m

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
3.0 m
Working capacity:
250 m²/h
3460 mm
1100 mm
1350 mm
600 kg
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Loading Height:
1000 mm
Engine Power:
6.5 kW
Engine r.p.m.:
Power Supply:
16A 5P 400V
Reverse Gear:
Power Cable Length:
Number of beating belts:
Belts Replacement:
12 months
Extended Warranty:
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