Rug Squeegee with rinsing function

Rug Squeegee with rinsing function

Rug squeegee Power ZB-500 INOX with rinsing function

The new carpet squeegee is made of 3 mm thick INOX stainless steel with a 500 mm working width, which makes it 10 cm wider than the iconic Tornado ZB-400 scraper.

The wider squeegee definitely speeds up the work, but its greatest advantage is the possibility of connecting a water hose. Thanks to this, you can rinse and squeeze dirt from the carpet at the same time, which also saves a lot of time. In the upper part, the squeegee has a ball valve that allows you to close the water flow. The squeegee is equipped with a special water splashing plate, thanks to which it will also be very useful during the initial soaking of rugs. The squeegee handle can be adapted to a left-handed or right-handed person, and thanks to the fact that it consists of three elements, i.e. a body and two threaded pipes, we have significantly reduced the dimensions for shipping. Each squeegee is packed in a carton with a set of accessories needed for assembly (ball valve, elbow, sleeve, two types of connections, teflon tape, wrench and hex key and an additional rubber handle).


- width 500 mm

- for left and right handed

- simultaneous rinsing and squeezing

- small dimensions for shipping

- entirely made of INOX stainless steel

- the possibility of any modification of the handle

Technical Data
790 mm
170 mm
60 mm
3.9 kg
Outer Material:
Stainless Steel
12 months
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