Automatic Rug Carpet Duster Solution AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Solution AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Solution AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Solution AT-3000
Machine à dépoussiérer automatique Solution AT-3000

Automatic Rug Carpet Duster Solution AT-3000


A new rug carpet duster Solution AT-3000

The newest Solution AT-3000 rug duster is a perfect machine for efficient dry cleaning (dusting) of all kinds of dry dirt from any rug. You can easily move the machine to any place after finishing work. Large size of automatic dusters, and especially their high price, often discourage investment of the owners of small or growing rug laundry. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our customers, Protima presents a solution that must meet the expectations of small laundries, relying on the following advantages of the new model:

- small size,

- high mobility of the machine

- high efficiency

- easy to use and maintain

- reasonable price and three configuration options.

The feed speed of the rug can be smoothly adjusted, depending on the degree of dirtiness or the rug structure. The operator can change the direction of the rug moving forward or backward at any time, which makes it possible to make rug dusting multiple times without taking the rug out of the machine. 36 pieces of dusting belts made of special tanned leather. All dirt falls into the discharge chamber, which is easily emptied once a day.



- a significant improvement in the quality of service compared to the mechanical duster Tornado T-600 or similar model

- electricity saving

- possibility of placing the automat against the wall

- reducing the time of service

- safe and efficient dusting system

- possibility of simultaneous dusting of two small rugs

- simple and intuitive control panel (main switch and reverse gear, potentiometer to adjust the feed speed)

- four swivel wheels with a blockade that guarantee mobility

- the entire machine is made of hot-dip galvanized steel

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
3.0 m
Working capacity:
250 m²/h
3300 mm
800 mm
1400 mm
300 kg
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Engine Power:
3.7 kW
Power Supply:
16A 5P 400V
Reverse Gear:
Power Cable Length:
2 metry
Number of beating belts:
Belts Replacement:
12 months
Extended Warranty:
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