Rug centrifuge is an indispensable device in every professional rug cleaning plant which use full immersion method of cleaning. The task of the centrifuge is to remove very quickly up to 95% of the water from the rug after the washing and rinsing process. The centrifuge shortens the time of rug drying up to 8 hours, completely reduces the discoloration of the fringes and prevents deformation of the rugs.
How does the rug centrifuge work?
The centrifuge works pretty much like a washing machine in our homes. We put a wet rug inside the centrifuge in a special drum with a lot of holes. After closing the door, an operator starts the centrifuge which accelerates the drum to 1200 rpm. and centrifugal force removes 95% of water in 3 minutes. The centrifuge releases to zero and ends the spin cycle after preset time of work.

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