Protima Training Center invites you to participate in training for:

· The owners of rug carpet workshops

· Workers of customer service department

· Workers of the machines service and maintenance department

Training recipients:

The trainings are addressed both to people who are already in the rug cleaning business, who would like to enrich their knowledge and skills and those who are just about to start their rug washing activities.

Training program:

Trainings are tailored to individual customer needs and cover selected issues:

1. Basic issues

2. Steps of rug washing

3. Proper use of detergents for rug cleaning

4. Proper use of rug cleaning machines and equipment

5. Rug cleaning in practice

6. Organization of work in the workshop

7. The value of the client and its importance to the company

8. Complaints

9. Activities under conditions of strong competition

10. Techniques of acquiring customers

11. Washing and drying large amounts of rugs

12. Repair, dyeing and rug overlock (manual and machine)

13. Cleaning of expensive oriental hand-woven rugs

Place and date of training:

The date and scope of the training is determined individually, depending on the client's needs. Classes are conducted in the form of a lecture combined with a multimedia presentation and practical part. Our Protima Training Center in Komorniki is equipped with a full park of machines and a multimedia room for conducting theoretical classes.

Presenter Michał Miłowski:

Founder and co-owner of Protima Ltd. - the largest production plant of machines and equipment for rug and carpet cleaning in Poland. Michael has been successfully operating four rug cleaning workshops in Poznan and knows and understands the needs of people engaged in the rug cleaning business. He visited over 250 workshops in Poland, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America in search of the best solutions to achieve the highest level of quality of rug cleaning and experience exchange.

Price of training:
The price of all-day training per person is: EUR 200.
The price includes: practical classes, theoretical classes, certificate of participation, coffee break, lunch.

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