The new Solution W-3200 New Line centrifuge is now available! A convincing solution for every budget.

How can the quality of the carpet washing process be improved?
We have the solution for you!
The best features of previous models are combined in the new Solution W-3200 New Line centrifuge.
* Rotor length 3m20cm
Possibility of spinning 3m long carpet
3-year warranty on seamless stainless steel INOX drum
* Silent, undisturbed motor operation
Centrifuge runs almost silently thanks to an electronically balanced motor
* Full control
A simple control panel with a reverse and timer gives you full control of the process.
* Ease of mobility
Centrifuge can be easily moved through narrow doors by removing the wheels and the base.
* Aesthetics and longevity
Fully hot-dip galvanised centrifuge = corrosion resistance for up to 8 years!
Covered with graphic vehicle film -> improved aesthetics and maintenance.
* Safety first
Improved handle to assist door opening, safety sensor to prevent the machine from starting up with the door open
* Innovative solutions
Longer bearing service life = less downtime and an increase in productivity
See for yourself why the Solution W-3200 New Line is the new standard in carpet spinning.
Visit our product page and don't miss out on the chance to improve the quality of your carpet washing process. Save time and energy!
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