Automatic Rug Carpet Washing Machine Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000
Machine à laver les tapis Solution ASZ-3000

Automatic Rug Carpet Washing Machine Solution ASZ-3000


Rug carpet washing machine SOLUTION ASZ-3000.

Cheap, effective, reliable, easy to use and small in size!

If you are tired of fighting with a disc scrubber and you want to clean twice as many rugs at the same time it is certainly the machine for you. If you do not have space for a large machine, Solution ASZ-3000 is perfect for you.

The new machine for rug carpet washing in a water bath will meet the expectations of both small carpet laundries and large rug laundries which already have any machine in their machine park.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have designed a machine that due to its small dimensions and relatively small weight, will be able to fit in a small laundry room, at the same time giving the possibility of washing rugs up to 300 centimetres wide.

The machine is equipped with four swivel wheels. It is completely mobile. One person can easily put it away in any place after work.

Working on the machine is completely intuitive and simple. The machine is very efficient and will allow you to wash from 8 to 15 rugs in one hour.

What else is worth knowing about the Solution ASZ-3000 machine? It is certainly its simple installation and service, the record-low power requirement of 5.9 kW and no need for compressed air supply.

Solution ASZ-3000 is additionally equipped with a movable pressure tube for convenient folding the rug after washing. After raising the tube, the carpet is easily moved to the Economic 50-200 incline transport trolley, which facilitates the transportation of a heavy wet carpet to a centrifuge.

The device has been equipped with a very simple and intuitive main control panel placed on the left side of the machine. The cleaning and washing sections have sensors that adjust the working range, adapted to the width of the carpet.

The machine frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, while the drive elements and pressure rollers are made of stainless steel. The new model, like the Tornado and Economic models, has been equipped with a transport belt made of one element, which prevents the brushes from completely rolling up the belt and gives the possibility of high pressure of the brushes to the carpet.

The high power of 1.1 kW motors driving the brushes allows you to detangle the dense pile in synthetic carpets.


The machine is prepared to work with all types of brushes (hard, medium, soft). Quick brush change.

1. Pre-soak system for direct washing of dry carpets.

2. Scrubbing with three-disc brushes, 430 mm wide, with smooth regulation of pressure with an electric actuator up to 100 kg

3. Four nozzles pressure flush (rinsing).


  • capacity up to 15 carpets per hour
  • it is possible to wash 1 to 3 carpets at the same time
  • possibility of continuous operation without switching off the device
  • three washing sections
  • built-in pressure pump 92 l / min
  • a movable tube that facilitates the movement of carpets on an incline transport trolley
  • no need for a compressed air supply
  • simple control panel
  • carpet rolling function
  • smooth adjustment of disc brushes pressure with an electric actuator up to 100 kg
  • simple and quick replacement of brushes
  • adjustable carpet feed speed with the possibility of reversing
  • emergency switch
  • adjustment of the operating range of the washing and rinsing sections
  • motors and drive transmission elements hidden behind covers
  • the possibility of visual inspection of the carpet during the entire washing process
  • machine can be operated by one person
  • small size and weight allowing for installation in small laundries

Technical Data
Maximum Rug Width:
3.0 m
Working capacity:
90 m²/h
3450 mm
1230 mm
1580 mm
560 kg
Outer Material:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Loading Height:
800 mm
Engine Power:
5.9 kW
Power Supply:
16A 5P 400V
Reverse Gear:
12 months
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